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The Facebook Facelift

“Today I wanted to answer a few question. One which came in was very important and we're doing a segment, NBC news came out to do an interview today about the so-called “Facebook Facelift,” and the Facebook Facelift is apparently... Read More

Ultherapy – Is It a Facelift?

"I want to spend a few minutes today to talk about a new technology, Ulthera. Ulthera is an ultra-sound device that has been cleared by the FDA for actually doing lifting, using a non-invasive technology. It's the first and only... Read More

Is the “Ribbon Lift” a Facelift?

"A bunch of questions came in this week about face lifting and various forms of face-lifting, and I wanted to address these questions. There is so much confusion out there that I think it's worth addressing some of them. There's... Read More

Are There Alternatives to a Facelift?

"Hi, Corey S. Maas MDTM I'm back again with this, trying to get a few of the questions answered through our video blog that have come in through the last week. One that I thought was really important was "What... Read More
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