Fat Transfer Recovery San Francisco

Fat Transfer Recovery – San Francisco Fat Grafting

Aging slowly causes the tissues of the face to sag and wrinkle, and many regions can become hollow. The fat transfer procedure takes fat from one region of the body and uses it to volumize the face, reducing wrinkles in the process. Fat transfer recovery is an important step in this procedure. Following your facial… Read Full Article
Fat Grafting Recovery San Francisco

Fat Grafting Recovery – Facial Injections San Francisco

For around two days or less following the facial fat grafting procedure, patients typically experience a degree of redness in the treatment area. As the tissues of the area heal during fat grafting recovery, this redness decreases. Makeup can often be used to camouflage redness. During this time in fat grafting recovery, it is key… Read Full Article
Facial Fat Injections San Francisco

Facial Fat Injections – San Francisco Facial Volume

Have you heard about facial fat injections? With these injections, you’ll be able to boost facial volume while losing stubborn unwanted flab in other areas of the body. Facial fat injections require the purification of your harvested fat cells. This aspect of the procedure is necessary in order to give you more volume and the… Read Full Article
Facial Fat Grafting San Francisco

Facial Fat Grafting – Fat Transfer San Francisco

Facial fat grafting fills in gaunt areas of the face, giving patients more even features and a younger appearance. The procedure accomplishes this through the use of the patient’s own fat cells. To harvest the patient’s fat cells for the facial fat grafting procedure, liposuction must be performed. Many parts of the body can be… Read Full Article

Live Surgery – Fat Transfer

”What I’m doing here is just small little aliquots, micro grafting, very small, you can see I have marked the areas. She’s got a heavy entotic fold, so I’m staying superior to that as marked by the lines. These are not the hinderers line and all that stuff that has become so popular right now… Read Full Article

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