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Grooming Tips After Hair Transplantation

Hair loss can happen to people of all ages and genders due to factors ranging from hormonal imbalances to illness to genetic predisposition. No matter your situation, if your self-confidence and happiness have been affected by bald patches or thinning hair, you may be ready for a hair transplant. At The Maas ClinicTM, our hairRead More

Hair Restoration – San Francisco Micrografting

Losing one’s hair can be a depressing and embarrassing issue. To give patients the full, thick hair they desire, we offer a technique known as micrografting hair restoration. During the first step of our micrografting hair restoration procedure, we harvest healthy hair follicles from the back and sides of the patient’s scalp. These sites areRead More

Longer Lashes – San Francisco Latisse Medication

Pale, short, thin eyelashes can be an issue that comes along with the aging process. Don’t let your lashes suffer – restore them with Latisse! Thicker, longer lashes can be yours with the help of this effective rejuvenation treatment. Patients looking for longer lashes with Latisse will use the medication once per day for sixteenRead More

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