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Can Platelet Rich Plasma Restore Lost Hair?

No matter your age or stage of life, losing your hair can be physically and emotionally distressing. From hair color to hair thickness, the aging process affects your hair growth cycle in various ways, encouraging many to seek hair restoration treatments. While the issue is most commonly associated with men, women also experience hair thinning… Read Full Article
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How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost?

Losing hair for any reason can be disheartening. Whether you are among the estimated 66% of men over 35 who lose hair as they age, or you are of any gender and are struggling with illness- or hormone-related hair loss, bald patches or receding hairlines often take an immediate toll on self-confidence. You may be… Read Full Article
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Grooming Tips After Hair Transplantation

Hair loss can happen to people of all ages and genders due to factors ranging from hormonal imbalances to illness to genetic predisposition. No matter your situation, if your self-confidence and happiness have been affected by bald patches or thinning hair, you may be ready for a hair transplant. At The Maas ClinicTM, our hair… Read Full Article
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Hair Restoration – San Francisco Micrografting

Losing one’s hair can be a depressing and embarrassing issue. To give patients the full, thick hair they desire, we offer a technique known as micrografting hair restoration. During the first step of our micrografting hair restoration procedure, we harvest healthy hair follicles from the back and sides of the patient’s scalp. These sites are… Read Full Article
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Longer Lashes – San Francisco Latisse Medication

Pale, short, thin eyelashes can be an issue that comes along with the aging process. Don’t let your lashes suffer – restore them with Latisse! Thicker, longer lashes can be yours with the help of this effective rejuvenation treatment. Patients looking for longer lashes with Latisse will use the medication once per day for sixteen… Read Full Article
Eyelash Transplant San Francisco

Eyelash Transplant – San Francisco Grafting Treatment

As we get older, our eyelashes dip in quality, becoming short and thin. Many lashes even fall out, leaving noticeably bare patches in the lash line. To restore full, lustrous lashes to the lash line, patients undergo an eyelash transplant procedure. For an eyelash transplant, hairs are harvested from the back of the patient’s scalp.… Read Full Article

Medicinal Options for Hair Loss Prevention and Restoration

”I had some really good questions this week that came up and some of them go back to really basic principles and even some exciting research and development that’s being done with hair loss and hair restoration. The simple question that one of my patients brought up was about Latisse and Latisse as many people… Read Full Article

Live Surgery – Hair Transplant Procedure

“This is one of our hair cases, this is a person who’s had actually cranial surgery before and there’re a scar right down the center here that we’re going to completely obliterating by placing hair grafts in it. Now you see my pattern that I have under here marked very carefully in the boxes that… Read Full Article

Hairgraft Surgery at The Maas ClinicTM in San Francisco

”We’re doing these very tiny micro grafts which is a technique that we’ve developed along with the special way I do it, with this very small, it’s a 19 gauge needle and 20 gauge needles, really the same needles we use to do injections and I’m making tiny little slits here in between his existing… Read Full Article

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