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BOTOX®: Your New Best Friend

Botulinium toxin is one of the most popular injectable treatments for cosmetic enhancement, and although it has several aesthetic benefits, it also contains many medical applications depending on the formulation you receive. BOTOX® works by suppressing the transmission of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in muscle movement. Once BOTOX® takes effect, the muscles are unable to… Read Full Article
lip augmentation patient

Restylane Silk – Lip Enhancement San Francisco

Do you feel that your lips are too thin or lacking in shape? Are you noticing the formation of age lines around your lips? If so, you may benefit from the lip-enhancing effects of Restylane Silk. Restylane Silk is an injectable treatment used to augment the appearance of the lips. With these injections, a patient’s… Read Full Article
Juvederm Voluma San Francisco

Juvederm Voluma – Facial Volume San Francisco

Though the aging process may cause our skin to sag and our face to appear gaunt, solutions are available. Injectable treatments can restore youthfulness to the face, and one of the most effective treatments for cheek volume loss is Juvederm Voluma. Our subcutaneous facial fat layer loses tissue over time. The underlying muscles and bones… Read Full Article
Juvederm Ultra Treatments San Francisco

Juvederm Ultra Treatments – Injectables San Francisco

Nobody enjoys finding a new facial wrinkle. Now, you can fill those wrinkles fast with the help of Juvederm Ultra treatments! With Juvederm Ultra, you can enjoy long-lasting results in the form of smooth, youthful skin. Juvederm Ultra treatments are injections of cross-linked synthetic hyaluronic acid. The cross-linked nature of these larger molecules makes the… Read Full Article
Facial Fat Injections San Francisco

Facial Fat Injections – San Francisco Facial Volume

Have you heard about facial fat injections? With these injections, you’ll be able to boost facial volume while losing stubborn unwanted flab in other areas of the body. Facial fat injections require the purification of your harvested fat cells. This aspect of the procedure is necessary in order to give you more volume and the… Read Full Article
Facial Fat Grafting San Francisco

Facial Fat Grafting – Fat Transfer San Francisco

Facial fat grafting fills in gaunt areas of the face, giving patients more even features and a younger appearance. The procedure accomplishes this through the use of the patient’s own fat cells. To harvest the patient’s fat cells for the facial fat grafting procedure, liposuction must be performed. Many parts of the body can be… Read Full Article
Juvederm San Francisco

Juvederm – San Francisco Soft-Tissue Fillers

With the passing of time, it becomes harder and harder to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth. Ease away the wrinkles and fine lines that accompany the aging process with the help of Juvederm Ultra. Juvederm Ultra is a soft-tissue filler that can be used to remove moderate and deep facial wrinkles. Examples of… Read Full Article

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