Scar Treatment San Francisco

Scar Treatment – Red Scars San Francisco

Are you concerned about the redness of a scar? This is generally a marker of inflammation during healing and can be addressed using various scar treatment methods. Normal scars typically lose their redness gradually over the course of around six to eight weeks from their creation. To speed up this process, we can use either… Read Full Article

Skin Rejuvenation for Hands

“I’m a little voice impaired today but I’m going to try to go through an area that’s of great interest to a lot of people, and that’s hand rejuvenation, something we do a fair amount of here at The Maas ClinicTM and the Appearance Care CenterTM or Medi Spa. With hand rejuvenation, there are a lot of… Read Full Article
Scar Therapy San Francisco

Scar Therapy – Erase Scars San Francisco

Whether a result of injury or other causes, scars can feel like a problem that just won’t go away. Scar therapy eases away prominent and unwanted scars, leaving behind smooth and beautiful skin. To treat hyperpigmented or darker scars, we offer three scar therapy options: IPL phototherapy, fractional laser resurfacing, and prescription medical creams. Over-the-counter… Read Full Article

What Is The Best Energy Technology to Treat Skin?

“I had a number of questions this week that came out about the treatment of pigments on the skin, and more specifically treatments using laser versus intense pulsed light, which we described previously, and I wanted to get to a couple of them. The first one which is a very common question is “What is… Read Full Article

Is IPL Suitable for Use on Asian Skin?

“We have a question that I wanted to bring up that related to the treatment using IPL for different skin types. More specifically, the question was asking whether “Asian skin” or other types of olive complexion skin are suitable for use with IPL, and the answer to that question is, of course, yes, and it… Read Full Article

Can IPL Photorejuvenation Help with Rosacea or Acne?

“We’re talking today about IPL with a series of patients, and one of the questions that came up was the treatment using IPL photo rejuvenation or intense pulsed light (what IPL stands for), and the treatment of certain inflammatory skin disorders like acne or rosacea and whether they’re effective or contraindicated? In summary, many of… Read Full Article

Can I Use Topical Agents Before IPL?

“There was a question about the use of topical agents in skin care before getting a treatment with laser IPL, more specifically, since so many people are using Tretinoin or the Retin-A molecule, which I think is a critical part of any skin care program is, “can you use these agents before a treatment with… Read Full Article

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