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10 Things To Know Before Radiesse

Even though injectable dermal fillers like Radiesse are very low-risk compared to other cosmetic treatments, it is still a good idea to learn as much as you can before your treatment. At The Maas ClinicTM, we value our clients’ safety and satisfaction, and we know that the best way to ensure a seamless treatment isRead More

Radiesse Treatments – Dermal Fillers San Francisco

There are numerous moderate and deep wrinkles and lines that can form in the skin of the face. The nasolabial folds, harsh lines that stretch from the sides of the nose to the sides of the mouth, are notoriously prominent. These can be treated with the help of Radiesse treatments. Radiesse, a popular injectable dermalRead More

Radiesse – Calcium Hydroxylapatite San Francisco

Have you heard of Radiesse dermal filler? Radiesse is an injectable that smoothes out the folds and wrinkles that form as the skin loses firmness. This decline in firmness and support occurs as the skin’s collagen protein level decreases. Radiesse is made of tiny synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (CAHA) spheres in a gel solution. When injectedRead More

How Can I Rejuvenate My Cheeks?

“Today I was answering a couple of questions that patients brought up about managing the problem of the mid-face, and I thought that we would address it in a way that was more sequential and its orientation and then get... Read More
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