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Hair Removal – San Francisco Unwanted Facial Hair

Have you been looking for a long-term solution for removing embarrassing facial hair? Stop wasting your time with shaving and painful waxing – it’s time to come to The Maas ClinicTM’s Appearance Care CenterTM for quick, easy laser hair removal. During your laser hair removal procedure, very quick pulses of the Lumenis Light Sheer laserRead More

Latisse – Eyelash Regrowth San Francisco

Latisse is a proven method of stimulating eyelash regrowth in those who are experiencing lash growth issues. If you’ve noticed that your eyelashes are shorter than normal, or possibly thinner or more faded, this medication may be perfect for you. During your usage of Latisse, it will be important to store the Latisse bottle inRead More

Ultherapy – Collagen San Francisco Skin Elasticity

Interested in a lift to tighten that sagging, drooping skin? It’s time to look into the cutting-edge Ultherapy procedure. The energy waves produced by Ultherapy heat the lower SMAS skin layer, stimulating its collagen production rate. What does an increase in collagen protein do for the skin? To put it simply, the level of collagenRead More

Labial Resculpting – San Francisco Labiaplasty Length

With the passage of time and the occurrence of life events such as childbirth, many women can find themselves in need of labial revitalization. If you’re feeling like labial resculpting might be necessary to help you meet your cosmetic goals, it will be important to learn more about the procedure. When planning for your labialRead More

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