Minimally Invasive Face Lifting Options

Over time, our face tends to lose its supple and youthful qualities. As the dermal structure weakens, collagen production slows down and fat pads or bone loses volume, many patients begin to notice wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin developing across the face and neck. The loss of volume and laxity that occurs with age… Read Full Article
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Achieving The Perfect Pout

Your mouth gets a lot of attention when you talk, smile or eat — basic elements of a romantic date night. When you want your lips to impress, you might reach for your favorite gloss or lipstick to make them pop; but if your lips are naturally thin or have begun to lose volume as… Read Full Article
Depressed Scars San Francisco

Depressed Scars – Scar Treatment San Francisco

When your scar is at a lower level on the skin than the rest of the surrounding skin, it is called a depressed scar. For depressed scars, we typically use dermal filler injections. Dermal filler injections have the ability to elevate depressed scars. Patients come in for injections of soft-tissue filler products like Restylane, Cosmoderm,… Read Full Article
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Restylane Silk – Lip Enhancement San Francisco

Do you feel that your lips are too thin or lacking in shape? Are you noticing the formation of age lines around your lips? If so, you may benefit from the lip-enhancing effects of Restylane Silk. Restylane Silk is an injectable treatment used to augment the appearance of the lips. With these injections, a patient’s… Read Full Article

Scar Revision for Acne

“Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about pitted scars, and pitted scars come in a couple of varieties. They are often from previous infectious diseases like chicken pox and now we’re hearing about measles, but more commonly they’re from acne. We describe acne scars as being ice picked type of scars which are… Read Full Article

Which Filler is Right for My Lips?

“We’ve been doing a lot of lip augmentation patients this week, and a lot of the questions that have come up about lip augmentation or strategies in both choosing where and how you’re doing the lips anatomically, and then which products are the best to use for lips, and my answer is that, really it’s… Read Full Article

Restylane Silk Cosmetic Injection Benefits

”I’m excited to talk about a product that has been newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, it’s in the family of Restylane made by a company Galderma and Restylane. As many of you know, there’s Restylane L with Lidocaine and of course in that family is Perlane has slightly larger particle… Read Full Article

New Restylane Silk Cosmetic Filler

”I had the opportunity last weekend, the weekend of October 25th to spend some time with the key opinion leaders on cosmetic injectable in Montreal Canada working with the company Gal Derma that now has Dysport and of course for many years has been involve with Restylane worldwide and we’ll now be doing Restylane in… Read Full Article

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