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3 Reasons Why Summer is the BEST Time for Rhinoplasty

This is an exciting time in your life—you just graduated from school and are ready to take on the world. If you feel your nose is throwing off the balance of your features, Summer is the perfect time to address the shape of your nose and refresh your appearance so you can take on the… Read Full Article

Is My Skin Too Thick for Rhinoplasty?

“A lot of questions this week in rhinoplasty consultations about thick skin. First of all, what causes thick skin when we talk about nose surgery, and then what we can do about it? Thickening of the nasal tip skin in particular is common because there are many sebaceous or oil glands that are located in… Read Full Article
Nasal Surgery Recovery San Francisco

Nasal Surgery Recovery – San Francisco Nose Healing

Rhinoplasty surgery can boost a patient’s self-esteem and quality of life. Because this procedure involves a degree of healing afterwards, patients must carefully adhere to their surgeon’s nasal surgery recovery instructions. It will be important for you to keep pressure off of your nose during nasal surgery recovery, as pressure could interfere with the healing… Read Full Article
Rhinoplasty Recovery San Francisco

Rhinoplasty Recovery – Nasal Procedures San Francisco

Once your nasal issues have been corrected with the help of rhinoplasty, it is important to follow your physician’s post-operative care directions to make rhinoplasty recovery as comfortable as possible. Because extensive tissue alteration is usually required for rhinoplasty, the surgery will result in some degree of bruising and swelling. These issues occur in the… Read Full Article
Nasal Surgery San Francisco

Nasal Surgery – Rhinoplasty San Francisco

When a person feels like the proportions of their face seem somehow off, this may be due to the appearance of their nose. The nose plays a major role in the look of the face as a whole, and even subtle issues make a big difference. To correct issues both large and small, nasal surgery… Read Full Article

Rhinoplasty Recovery Care

”We have been talking a lot about rhinoplasty in the past few weeks and I wanted to sort of fill out our profile on Rhinoplasty in terms of recovery because a lot of people ask about it. I think this is a big area of concern, the three most common questions I get around Rhinoplasty… Read Full Article

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

“I had a patient that came in today that asked a great question, a question that I’m frequently asked about surgeries in general but specifically today about rhinoplasty. This patient is ready for a rhinoplasty, we’ve had a previous consultation and she recently found out that she’s going to be getting married and her question… Read Full Article

When To Get Revision Rhinoplasty

”Today I wanted to address a couple of questions that come up with revision patients in rhinoplasty. People have come to me, which are probably about half of my rhinoplasty practice now are patients who’ve had previous rhinoplasties and are unhappy with the results for one reason or another. Usually it has to do with… Read Full Article

Can Rhinoplasty Reduce Nostril Flare?

“I wanted to get to a couple of questions today on rhinoplasty. We’ve done a series of rhinoplasty here in the winter. I guess people have had a little time to recover during the holiday break and there was some good ones that I think apply to everyone. One that I see commonly is that… Read Full Article

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