Xeomin – The Botox Alternative

“I wanted to introduce a new idea and new product to the system, and one that we’re quite excited about, it’s another neuromodulator a lot like Dysport and Botox called Xeomin. Xeomin, I’ve commented on before and in other videos and describing its differences but just to review. It is like Botox and Dysport but… Read Full Article

New Body Contouring Options Including UltraShape

“I wanted to talk today about a specific area of body contouring and that’s fat destruction. When we talk about fat destruction, there are really a few categories, one of them is liposuction and liposuction is just like what it sounds like. There’s a small incision placed in a very small cannula or tube under… Read Full Article

Restylane Silk Cosmetic Injection Benefits

”I’m excited to talk about a product that has been newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, it’s in the family of Restylane made by a company Galderma and Restylane. As many of you know, there’s Restylane L with Lidocaine and of course in that family is Perlane has slightly larger particle… Read Full Article

New Restylane Silk Cosmetic Filler

”I had the opportunity last weekend, the weekend of October 25th to spend some time with the key opinion leaders on cosmetic injectable in Montreal Canada working with the company Gal Derma that now has Dysport and of course for many years has been involve with Restylane worldwide and we’ll now be doing Restylane in… Read Full Article

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