As we age, the lips lose their natural youthful fullness and become rectangular, rather than diamond-shaped. Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers like Restalyne injections can be used to correct some of these aging changes as well as provide fuller, more voluptuous lips in younger patients.  Lip augmentation or enhancement is an office procedure with minimal discomfort using a small amount of local anesthetic under the lip, not unlike a dental block.  Most patients experience small amounts of swelling immediately after the procedure which resolve in a few days. 

Many patients find the fine radial lines (also known as “smoker’s lines”) that develop above and below the lips distressing.  A combination of therapy employing Dysport or BOTOX® Cosmetic and a fine-line filler like Cosmoderm or Prevelle Silk are minimally invasive approaches to address this concern. 

One doesn’t have to have “overpuffed” lips to achieve a natural enhancement that is quite attractive and appealing.  Lip border enhanced performed with a HA filler provides the youthful “lip roll” associated with youth and beauty.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Maas to learn more.  

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